TUG Upload

Submit your Summer 2021 Time Use Guideline (TUG) form so your Union can advocate for you!

Welcome to the Fall 2021 semester, which is occurring under extraordinary circumstances. As your Union, TSSU is advocating on your behalf to ensure you are paid fairly and have the support you need to do your job. If you have questions or concerns contact us at tssu@tssu.ca.

As a Teaching Assistant/Tutor-Marker (TA/TM), your contract outlines a number of base units (BUs) for which a maximum number of hours of work can be assigned. For example, a 5 (or 5.17) base unit appointment has a maximum of 210 hours of work assignable, with 5.5 of those 210 hours for statutory holiday pay. In consultation with you, your Course Supervisor completes a Time Use Guideline (TUG) which outlines how those total hours should be divided among your duties. If you haven’t received one yet, you should ask your Course Supervisor.

To ensure everyone is getting fairly paid this summer as part of our log your hours campaign we are asking all TAs and TMs to upload a copy of their TUG. We will use these TUGs to collectively advocate to ensure everyone has access to enough prep time, marking time, etc during remote teaching.

You can upload a PDF, screenshot, or just take a picture with your phone via the survey below.