Identify overwork, avoid problems, and get fair pay for your time!

SFU’s Fall 2020 classes have been moved online due to COVID-19, and it is looking like most will remain that way for a while.

This move has taken, and will continue take, a large amount of work on the part of teaching staff, including TAs, TMs, and Sessional Instructors. Not only is it time-intenseive to move in-person courses online, but so too are there new pressures on teachers that increase teachers’ workloads considerably.

Video Credit: Lea Hogan
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The TSSU Collective Agreement outlines mechanisms for additional compensation for TAs, TMs and SIs, so this extra work is transparent and compensated fairly. SFU Administration has refused to discuss the problem and is maintaining standard contracts despite the circumstances. The result is that TSSU members are working with “normal” contracts in “abnormal” conditions.

As such, there will be a large amount of overwork in the University over the summer. This is not the fault of the worker but on the failure to negotiate with the Union and ensure the terms of our work to reflect the remote teaching we are now expected to perform.

How do you prevent this?